• “There are always multiple solutions to a legal dilemma. My concern is finding the right solution for you.”
    -Paul G. Dell

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  • We are Dedicated to Resolving our Clients’ Legal Challenges in a Timely and Financially Sensible Manner.

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  • We are here to act when you need action… support you when you need to take a stand… and provide you with guidance through the legal quagmire.

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  • Protecting your Legal Rights & Economic Interests – Through Informed & Effective Representation.

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  • The most important step in protecting your rights and interests is choosing a knowledgeable counsel.

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  • Our Small Firm is a Fiscally Sensible Alternative to the Needlessly Large & Over-Staffed Law Firms.

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  • Providing Legal Guidance and Representation in an Ethical and Helpful Manner.

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  • “Every legal issue has multiple possible solutions. The right solution must be carefully selected based on each client’s needs and their particular circumstance, and not by a one-size-fits-all approach.”

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Welcome to the Law Office of Paul G. Dell, P.C.

“My firm is an alternative to the more traditional larger law firms. Even before engaging in their representation, I personally discuss the specifics of each prospective clients case with them, a practice that continues for the duration of our relationship. I value building long-lasting attorney-client relationships, and I achieve this goal by dedicating the necessary time to each and every client.”

- Paul G. Dell

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The Law Offices of Paul G. Dell, P.C.
The Bank of America Building - Suite 310
15110 Dallas Parkway - Dallas, Texas 75248
Phn: 972-325-4444